Step into the realm of musical innovation with S.T.A.D. (We stand for nothing..), the three-piece ensemble from Groningen, Netherlands, that's rewriting the rules of music. S.T.A.D. is a creative force that thrives on pushing the boundaries of sound and rhythm. Their unique brand of music is an experimental, danceable, and instrumental fusion that incorporates elements from blues, jazz, rock, and various genres, resulting in a rich, eclectic sonic experience.

S.T.A.D.'s compositions are a testament to their deep musical prowess, with each performance offering an immersive journey through a diverse range of sonic landscapes. They've left their mark on stages at prestigious venues, including VERA Groningen, Noorderzon, and Simplon, offering audiences unforgettable experiences that transcend the traditional concert format.

As sonic explorers, S.T.A.D. is charting uncharted musical territories, inviting listeners to get lost in the complex interplay of their instruments and rhythms. With every note, they redefine what's possible in the world of instrumental music. The future holds boundless promise for these trailblazers, and the only certainty is that their music will continue to surprise, inspire, and captivate.

Join S.T.A.D. on their journey through the limitless expanse of sound, where experimentation knows no bounds and diversity is the key to sonic transcendence. Prepare to dance, groove, and lose yourself in the audacious musical world of S.T.A.D. - where their mission is to push the envelope of musical exploration.

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Rehearsal quotes:

"S.T.A.D. Hmm.. Maybe... Sexual Transmissive Agressive Disease?" - Steffen 'Stuntpiloot' Lehmann

"Just.. Book us?"- Dennis 'Telfon' Mol

"No worries, there's no one at the door. I just farted" - Jans 'the Don' Wientjes